12 Simple and Quick Techniques to Alleviate Momentary Anxiety and Stress

12 Simple and Quick Techniques to Alleviate Momentary Anxiety and Stress

Here are 12 simple and quick techniques to try to alleviate momentary anxiety and stress.1. EFT – This is also called the Emotional Freedom Technique.  It can be very effective and works along the main Chinese meridian.  You can find lots of basic scripts for simple anxiety online.  It’s best to find a script to begin with and as you begin to understand the technique more, you can add in your own scripts to target your personal needs …

Some good EFT sites are:

You can explore more once you understand the basic technique and feel comfortable using it on yourself 🙂


2.  Breathwork – Whenever you’re feeling anxious it’s always good to bring your attention back to the rise and fall fo your breath.  To place a hand on your heart or on your belly and remind yourself that you are here.

There are a few different breaths that can help ease anxiety:


3.  EMDR Tapping:  Here is a basic description of EMDR tapping called the Butterfly Hug Method.  I copied this from the EMDR research foundation 🙂

Instructions for the Butterfly Hug Method

Say, “Please watch me and do what I am doing. Cross your arms over your chest, so that the tip of the middle finger from each hand is placed below the clavicle or the collarbone and the other fingers and hands cover the area that is located under the connection between the collarbone and the shoulder and the collarbone and sternum or breastbone. Hands and fingers must be as vertical as possible so that the fingers point toward the neck and not toward the arms.

If you wish, you can interlock your thumbs to form the butterfly’s body and the extension of your other fingers outward will form the Butterfly’s wings.

Your eyes can be closed, or partially closed, looking toward the tip of your nose. Next, you alternate the movement of your hands, like the flapping wings of a butterfly. Let your hands move freely. You can breathe slowly and deeply (abdominal breathing), while you observe what is going through your mind and body such as thoughts, images, sounds, odors, feelings, and physical sensation without changing, pushing your thoughts away, or judging. You can pretend as though what you are observing is like clouds passing by.”

You can do the same with simply leaving your hands on your lap if you’re in a public place and feel uncomfortable with your hands in the hugging position.  This techniqe can be wonderful but can also take a little practice to work at it’s height for you.


4.  Visualization: Anytime you can close your eyes for a minute breath deep and bring a little visualization in, you will calm your nerves, you’ll pull yourself back into your body and it’ll help the overall effect of the anxiety on you.  One simple visualization I’ve learned from my own time in therapy is where you close your eyes and imagine a file cabinet.  And you syemtatically go and close all the open files in your life.

Here’s a few visualization sites and ideas to check out:

qi gong

5.  Simple Qi Gong exercsies:


6.  The Emotion Code:  Here’s an intro to what the Emotion Code is and how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo3A3_lkTxE


7.  Yoga:  Here are some simple yoga postures to help alleviate anxiety:


8.  You can always have a calming cup of tea:


9.  You can also pick up a journal and just start writing without letting your hand stop for at least 8-10 minutes, allowing it all to be spilled out on the page.


10.  You can turn a song on and dance, letting your body shake out the nerves.


11. You can keep crystals on you that help to ground you, or a worry stone that you can play with between your fingers


12.  You can keep rescue remedy on you:


There are many different ways to ease the anxiety as it hits … you have to find what works for you 🙂

When anxiety hits you it’s important to connect back with your body in the present moment.  Any of these practices can help! The best remedy is to be aware of what anxiety feels like as it creeps up in your body and to begin a practice before it gets out of control for you.

Do you have any other techniques for calming anxiety that you can share?

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