A Novel with a Reader’s Guide?

A Novel with a Reader’s Guide?

I added a reader’s guide to The Storyteller’s Throne.  It’s not a typical reader’s guide, but I don’t think it’s a typical science fiction novel either.

I’ve billed my novel as:

A Science Fiction novel tangled in the psychology of being human and the vulnerability of an unconventional Love story … 


It’s written from my perspective, as a mother first, an arts therapist second and a woman third.


**Just a side note … It feels really awkward every time I write the word woman.  I grew up with a fierce sense of feminism present in me and so from my late teens on I’ve used the words, Womyn, and grrrl … it’s not conventional and I’m trying on the more traditional … but it still doesn’t sit quite right everytime I type it!  What do y’all think? **

Anyhow … I’ve written The storyteller’s Throne drawing on my history, who I am, what I’ve been through, what I’ve witnessed, how I view the world and how I think it can evolve into something better.  Then I kind of translated it and re-imagined it into a work of fiction.  But that doesn’t mean that someone reading it can’t take something from it and begin to heal or repair or gain insight into their own history or psyche through what they read.

(How many books of fiction have you read that changed you somehow or opened you up to a new idea or belief … I don’t think the world of transformation lies squarely on the shoulder of self-help books and how-to manuals … )

This reader’s guide is more of a personal discovery and reflection through the themes of the book.  It allows readers to imagine freely what the Shadow world would be like for them and their shadow self.  It’s personal and meant to be this way.   It asks readers and book clubs to:

‘Enjoy a discussion that’s both academic, spiritual and personal.  Allow your story to come out here, it’s all we have in the end.’

If you’re in a book club and interested in reading my book, I think it’s also a really fantastic way to deepen your relationships in the club as it opens the doors to an honest discussion about our emotions, how our childhoods shape us and how we might create some healing in our own world.

Check out the reader’s guide by following this link and clicking on More Info within the description.  You can download a sample chapter and the full reader’s guide.  https://jocelynbates.com/my-books/the-storytellers-throne/



Oh … and it has magic 🙂  who doesn’t love a little magic … seriously!

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