Creative Questions

Creative Questions

Have you exercised your creativity lately?

Here’s a list of some fun questions you can answer on your own, with your kids, in noise, in quiet, in a journal, in your head …It’s silly, it’s frivolous … or is it??

Here’s a list of questions to inspire a little bit of creativity …

  • If you could create a living breathing bird, what colors would it be? What sounds would it make? What purpose would it have in this world?
  • Instead of Step on a crack, break your mother’s back (which I always hated! … And yet my kids picked it up somewhere … though my son says Step on a crack and the gargantuar will come) change it up … Step on a ______________   …
  • You have $100,000.00 to start a charity … but the only rules for creating the charity are that it has to be somehow interstellar …adjective: interstellar … occurring or situated between stars.  What charity do you create? Who or what does it help and how?
  • What if reds were blues and blues were reds?
  • What does magic actually look like? Is it tangible, does it have a scent?  Can you see it?
  • Why do some trees actually look like they have faced in them … for real?!
  • List everything that an astronaut might pack in a bag to go to Mars
  • Make up your own flavor of ice cream … How does it make you feel to eat it?
  • What if your body had a way of letting you know you were getting angry but it was something that happened physically and outwardly … what would your angry alarm be?
  • If you could give the you from 5 years ago advice … what would it be? What about the you from 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago?
  • If you were a famous sculptor, what would the sculpture that made you famous look like?
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