Early Reviews for The Storyteller’s Throne

Early Reviews for The Storyteller’s Throne

I’ve been on a virtual book blog tour for about a month and a half.  It’s been interesting.  I’ve had some spotlights, excerpts, interviews and some reviews.I’m not entirely sure what the real gain from all of it is.  I very much appreciate all of the book blog hosts that have highlighted me on this virtual tour.  I love that my book is getting out there and people are reading it, but it’s my first time around this book blog world and I feel like I’d actually like it to be more interactive with me.  (Now, I’m not that technically savvy … but I’ve had the hardest time just being able to comment on some of the book blog tour spots)

I think the best part of the virtual book blog tour, for me, has been the feedback from the reviews.  It’s hard to assess your own work as an author.  It’s like anything else that’s creative,  you become so enmeshed in the creation that it’s hard to see the bigger picture all the time, especially when you have some distance from the creation itself.  So it’s been great to hear what other people have taken from The Storyteller’s Throne and how they’ve liked the book.

I’m really amazingly happy that a handful of the reviewers said it went deeper than most sci-fi … I was going for that *wink*

(Also … it’s really been good to hear the positive feedback as sometimes I get down on myself and my talents and need to hear the good stuff!)

Here are some of the reviews I’ve gotten so far:

What a fascinating piece of writing. I was completely immersed in the world that Jocelyn Bates created from the get-go. It was a fast paced and fun ride throughout. I loved the addition of the psychological aspect. I felt like it made me think on a deeper love. Yet she wove in lighter moments and a love story to help cut the tension and darkness. It is a very well balanced novel that gave me every aspect I want when reading a story.

Mama and Her Stories

This is beyond just a Sci-Fi novel, it had a how did the world begin theme to it. Jocelyn Bates has brought to life very multi-dimensional characters and given them a purpose. The world she has created is so vivid and really helps the reader feel like they are there with the characters.

A strong and fast-paced plot will keep you invested the entire way through. This was one of those reads that really made me feel a deeper connection than I was expecting.  The characters, plot, and pacing were all spot on and really helped to elevate the novel. A superb Sci-Fi novel.

The Indie Express

This novel is unlike anything I have read. I think that it is a great testament to the imagination of a writer that I can say that. This novel really kept me on my toes as far as expecting the unexpected.

There is a lot going on and a lot to understand since you are diving into a new world. I think that Jocelyn Bates really managed to keep her readers up to speed by giving them just enough along the way without making them feel lost or bogged down with information. It really shined light on to the characters and world in general.

This was a sci-fi novel that really made me think on a deeper level than most Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels.

Texas Book Nook

I loved how fast this novel was in its pacing, I thought that it kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I loved how much action there was throughout and how the author didn’t shy away from making sure everything was detailed.

This story is well thought out and flows nicely.

I loved the Characters as a whole. Everyone one had their positives and negatives and I loved that they weren’t cookie cutter.

On a Reading Bender

Jocelyn Bates has a great ability for description. She really makes the reader understand the ins and outs of her characters and settings by giving such in-depth descriptions.

I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters and the great addition of WIT. I found myself laughing out loud many times through this read.

Overall, I  really enjoyed this. There is plenty going on and its a very quick yet satisfying read.

Novel news network

Hopefully, Y’all pick up a copy and read the book for yourself … let me know your thoughts and comments on it as I prepare to write the SECOND book in the Storyteller Series! WHAT?!?!

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