Finding “The Magic”

Finding “The Magic”

A great novel is subjective. Everyone has their own taste, their own style, what they like to read and what they enjoy in the quiet of their life.  I’ve always enjoyed an easy read, one that has magic, something just a little bit more than the ordinary but yet a book that makes me think and delve into everyday rituals and the major themes of life.

“Books may well be the only true magic.”
― Alice Hoffman

I don’t know if these are the kinds of books I enjoy mostly because Alice Hoffman was one of the first authors that I followed as a teenager or if I sought her out as an author because I loved these kinds of books.  Either way, Alice Hoffman has always been one of the authors I absolutely love to sit down and read.  Her work is deliciously satisfying to me and always leaves me waiting for the next book.


So, when I sat down to write my own book, The Storyteller’s Throne, I knew it had to have more than the ordinary.  I knew there had to be magic.  I was challenged with how much magic to bring into it.  I was challenged with how far out of the ordinary I would drift.


It turns out, I drifted quite a ways from the ordinary.  I drifted into the space between science fiction, women’s fiction and a bit of romance.   When I was trying to put into words what my book was about I wrote this:

A science fiction novel tangled in the psychology of being human and the vulnerability of an unconventional Love story.


When I think back on the book and how I ended up writing a science fiction type novel, I can’t help but think that the reason I drifted so far from the ordinary was so that I could come up with answers to my deepest questions on how we might, as a people, be better.

I wanted to explore the core of what it means to be human and what shapes us into the adults we become.  As that exploration happened, a new and different world opened up to me.

Honestly, my book began when I asked the questions:
What does it mean to be a teenager?
Why are the teen years so emotional?
How does one go from being a teenager to being an adult?

(This was probably on my mind since I’m not that far off from having a teenager myself! And I feel like, in my own life, the themes from my teen years seem to circle round every so often and hit me square in the face.)

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