I knew I wanted to write a book about emotions and another world.  I knew I wanted to create magic and healing.  I knew my main character would be a strong female who had flaws and a history that needed to be integrated into who she was.  I knew all of this.

But when I sat down to start writing, I was blank when it came to my female character.

I wrote so many first versions of her story.   I wrote an interview with her to get some insight into who I wanted to create.  I drew pictures.  I daydreamed about her.  It wasn’t until I had written about 40 pages of the book on her past that I got her.  I finally caught her.  I finally understood her and then I had to rewrite everything over again!


I developed Grace from my own children’s love of stories and my newfound love of fairytales, my fantasy of a superpower, the truth of what many girls go through in their path to finding the identity of both themselves and their sexuality and my hope that we all find the strength to be our most vulnerable.

Grace lost everything at a very young age, she lived her shadow for years.  I feel like I journeyed into my shadow for a long time as well and it was when I started writing about her journey there that it all began to click for me.

I wanted to have a part of her that rang true to my own history…but not too much.  Just enough for me to be able to speak to her experiences and to understand her.  It’s a fine line, isn’t it?  The truth of who we are and the truth of who we create?

In the end … I love Grace.  She represents the coolest, damaged, most honest, expressive and beautiful woman.  And even though she’s young, she grabs responsibility by the balls and moves forward to the next scene.   She kicks ass if you ask me and she does it with Grace … (see what I did there! LOL)

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