Homeschooling Three INDIVIDUALS

Homeschooling Three INDIVIDUALS

What is really cool about homeschooling is watching your own children learn.  And each child will learn differently.

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I have 3 kids … they all learn in a different way from the other.  When my son does a math problem it takes me a while to catch up to his way of working a problem out.  He has his own way of figuring it out but usually comes up with the correct answer.

The other day, someone was quizzing my son at the supermarket after finding out he’s homeschooled (which by the way, is a little rude and most homeschooling parents will tell you more than a little annoying) She asked him how many months are in a quarter of a year.  He came up with the answer quicker than me … and he figured it out by halving 12 to 6 and 6 to 3 … (I was counting seasons … lol) He has his own way.


When my oldest daughter does a math problem, I know that she’s already struggling.  She uses all the crutches she can … including all 10 fingers, all the time in the world and any help she can get from people in the room.  She’s visual like me and I understand how she learns, not that it makes it any easier to teach her! She picks up how to do things when it’s told to her in a story or she sees it placed in front of her, like on a graph.  But ask her to pull some problems from her head … she goes into crisis mode … (whereas my son thrives there … pulling things out of his head, and often refuses to work something out on paper).

f0bbc82203c116a14293762cc4234fbb--teaching-children-quotes-preschool-teacher-quotesThen there’s my littlest, Piper, who’s only 1 … but she sits with her toys on the floor and she explores putting things in and out and in and out and in and out … then she tries to get someone else in the room to put things in and out and in and out.  Then she stirs everything with a spoon and spills it out and then goes back to putting everything back in.  Eventually, she’ll end up feeding something to a doll and there’ll be hugs and kisses before she throws it across the room and moves onto the dog, practicing how to say hi.  So much repetition, so so much repetition.  It’s her way of learning.



It’s pretty awesome to be able to witness your own kids minds expanding …

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