Hot Topics in The Storyteller’s Throne

Hot Topics in the Storyteller’s Throne

I thought I’d give a rundown of some of the more controversial situations that are touched upon in The Storyteller’s Throne … Some of the issues that are dealt with and addressed head-on in the book …

The reason I’m doing this is because I’ve taken a closer look at what I have to offer in terms of my presence online and apart from creativity and enhancing your creative journey, I’ve worked as a therapist with many different populations of people of all ages dealing with many different shards of trauma in their lives.  It’s my past experience both in my own healing and having had the privilege to take part in many others’ healing that’s driven how I feel about matters of the heart and that ultimately made The Storyteller’s Throne a possibility for me.

So I think it’s time to delve into these controversial situations in my blog and be completely honest about my feelings, thoughts, and opinions in this paradigm of emotion.  I’d like to offer resources, exercises, viewpoints and open the conversation to allow for empathy to blossom here.

So this post is just that.

This is NOT a Trigger Warning … 

Rather, it’s an opening to a conversation. A place to begin. I’m laying the cards on the table and offering…

The Storyteller’s Throne is a Science Fiction book that touches on and explores specific histories of:

  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Self-medication
  • Bottled up Anger
  • Self-cutting

The Storyteller’s Throne is a science fiction novel, but it opens a dialogue to our hearts and in and of that it allows for the realization of how our hearts are expressing their current states/whatever they may be.

The book is not meant as my manifesto or a self-help book.  It’s a piece of fiction that has a certain amount of personal truth in it.  It’s a book that I created out of my own exploration, definitions, questioning, and answering of the heart beating in my chest and how I envision the world in my imagination if some of these issues and topics aren’t brought into the forefront in a non-judgemental and open dialogue beyond words 🙂


Just as a last thought … I feel like the part of myself that wrote The Storyteller’s Throne … very much connected with the series 13 Reasons Why, which I had seen after writing it … simply due to the fact that they didn’t shy away from the controversy, the ugly, the truly awful realities that can be life.  I’m not quite sure how the transformations of each character in 13 Reasons Why will be presented as the series goes on but I feel like the cast and the producers did an awesome job at starting the conversation, talking about the issues and answering the critics :).


What books, movies, or performances do you feel tackled difficult issues head-on without sugar-coating them or glossing over them?  I’m always looking for something new to watch, read, or experience!

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