Human Beings Are Amazing!

Human Beings Are Amazing!

I just wanted to take a minute and celebrate how cool we are as human beings.

How amazing we are.



I’m doing this project where my kids are picking a famous scientist to honor and talk about at a homeschool gathering and my kids are in the research phase.  We’ve been looking at all areas of science and all different kinds of scientists so they can pick one they are really into.

As we’re researching and I’m learning more and more, I am just  … completely in awe.

It’s amazing to me that we figured out how to harness electricity, build trains, burn fuel.  How we have taken pictures, made videos, created televisions and cars and blenders and computers …

Igiphy-downsized-2t’s crazy to me how a movie projector works … one that was built in the 1970’s … AMAZING! A movie projector that runs the film, plays sound and can record too!



I understand the science behind how I talk on a phone … but my mind cannot actually grasp it.

I hold up my cell phone and can talk to my friend in California … in practically real time …


My phone isn’t attached to any wire … and yet I can face time too!

I know it sounds simplistic to all of y’all who are techies and understand it all right down to the how to’s.

But to me … oh my goodness.


We rock as human beings … to have figured this all out!

Fucking amazing.

That is all.

question marks


What amazes you?

What are you in awe of???

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