Lessons from a Book Launch

Lessons from a Book Launch

My very first book Launch Party … what-what ?!?!

So … It Happened!  I had my very first book launch party for The Storyteller’s Throne!  It was a wonderful and anxiety producing experience …  I’d like to send out a huge thank you to everyone that came and supported me and to all the people who weren’t able to make it but held space in their busy lives for me to rest in my anxiety!It was a night @ The Laundromat in Morristown with drinks, books and the beautiful voice of Mari Byrd … It was a night of friends and family and a fair amount of kids running around … It wasn’t crazy and I totally felt supported by everyone! And my friends were right … it has set the tone for this book to make it big … I feel jazzed about the whole thing again!

I’ve learned a few things from this experience and so now … I present to you a list:

  1. A launch party is actually pretty fun! My dear friend and goddess mama to all 3 of my kids is the one who pushed me to have one and I am so happy she did!
  2. Come up with your 30 seconds to 1-minute elevator speech about your book … before your launch party.  I cannot get out of my mouth quick enough what The Storyteller’s Throne is about!  In my head, there are so many layers and I’m not sure what to talk about first … so alas, this shall be my job tonite!
  3. If you’re going to be signing books at your launch … have a basic beginning to any signage before you begin that you can expand upon when you’d like to!   (This one I actually had at the ready! LOL!)
  4. Signing books gets more comfortable the more you do it …
  5. It is okay to be the center of attention, especially when that attention comes from people that have your back all the way!
  6. Writing a novel and putting your words out to the world is a really scary experience … really scary!  I took a lot of time molding my thoughts and inspirations into this story and all of a sudden … people are buying my book and I feel responsible for their enjoyment of it in a way that I didn’t feel before people started buying the book … What is this, vulnerability? I had to remind myself to breathe a few times … Ha!
  7. I also learned that it’s important to have a few bad reviews on Amazon … go figure … so when they come in … I will thank the universe for the chance to sell more books … and try not to take it too personally.
  8. Have your launch at a place that has breathing room!  The laundromat is big with extra space and a wonderful atmosphere that lent itself to a really fun evening for everyone! No one felt pressured to stay or leave or be quiet or really be anyone but themselves!
  9. Sidewalk chalk is a good thing!  I brought chalk to write on the sidewalk outside … and though I’m not sure how many people that brought in … I felt like it was fun and playful and different and I’d do it again!
  10. Always take the time to make connections.  Before our party started I ran a few bookmarks over to the Meet Me in Morristown table from Morris Arts and talked about what I was doing that night and my book and the launch … and even if it didn’t immediately result in more sales … I connected and had one more chance to talk about my book and he was totally receptive!

All in all … I’m so grateful that I went out of my way to have the party and I feel so loved and supported by my friends and family and I look forward to my next book release launch!!

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