‘Let Your Kids In’ to What You Do

‘Let Your Kids In’ to What You Do

So in my house, We homeschool. I have three children and we plan on homeschooling them as long as possible…

It’s interesting trying to have a bit of a career or creative life of my own while I homeschool.  It’s a balance that is constantly shifting. There are moments I need to stop and shift attention to something other than their learning and there are times that I need to concentrate on me or them … or my littlest who requires the most attention now that she’s practically at a run (she’s just 1).


Lately, my newest trick to it all is letting the kids in.

They are interested in the fact that I wrote a book.  They had a wonderful time helping me open boxes and count books when they all came in (especially my youngest!), they’ve begged for the first signed copies and they have been inspired to begin writing their own books because of my own journey! Which I think is super cool!

So the balance has been between allowing them some screen time to learn which gives me just a bit of freedom to work while they are awake  (for the most part, I simply get up around 5 am before anyone is up to work).

~My husband can attest to the stress that screen time for my kids has caused me, but recently we found out about guided access … I can’t believe it took me 3 years to find this!  If y’all are having any problems at all with getting your kids off the iPad or staying in a particular app (which was our problem)  Guided Access is wonderful!  … I had no clue it was so easy or right there on the iPad!  It has changed the whole atmosphere around the way they learn math in particular, it’s like it has taken any and all the guessing and mischief out of it for my son.

And encouraging them on their own journey to write a book.  Which I think is an awesome homeschool goal.

Just last night we talked about each of their books.  We talked about characters, setting, storylines, conflict and resolution and why each of them is writing a book.  I am really impressed with their stories.  And they’re excited about them!  We talked about all the aspects of writing a book and how it won’t happen overnight (especially since they want to illustrate them).  We decided on two days a week we would spend time working on their books and then talked about why their favorite books are their favorites … and then we read a few books before going to sleep.

giphy-downsized-6Today they’re coming with me to approach a few local independent bookstores to see if they’ll carry The Storyteller’s Throne.  So my kids are learning about the process of writing a book and what it takes after one writes a book.  I asked them to keep an eye on me and let me know how I do after we leave, to see if I can improve my hard sell … LOL!  (But for real, my kids are ridiculously honest sometimes).

I wish I had an opportunity at their age to understand this process and how it all works … It makes something that seems so big – writing a book and getting published – seem accessible and tangible.  At the same time, I’m so happy to be sharing my own experience of it all with them, learning with them and imparting what I learn to them.  And they ask me questions that get me moving in different ways and inspire me.  They love being a part of what I’m doing, honestly, they’d probably like to play an even bigger role!

So my balancing act is all about bringing them in … they’re here all day long anyway, I might as well tap into my present circumstances and we can all go forward together.  Which I think is a big part of homeschooling for us.  There is so much to learn everywhere.  Their day is either independent screen time with concrete facts and learning mixed with some classes and physical activity and then this organic kind of present moment, alongside me and working with me and us inspiring one another.  I can’t wait to see the books they create in the end …

My long-term hope for this kind of balancing act is to get both my kids and their books to a place where we can publish so that they can feel the sense of accomplishment that I feel with my book and have something they created that they can cherish and hold onto for their life …


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