My Life in My Characters

My Life in My Characters

A lot of the characters in The Storyteller’s Throne have a thread of recognition from my own life.  They’re based on:

  • a part of someone I knew
  • pieces of experiences I lived through
  • elements of who I once was and wanted to be
  • a sampling of who I strive to be


I chose to take remnants of people and experiences in my life and tie them together into characters, so no one character is a reflection of any one person in my life, but rather a collage of sorts.

When I look back at my life it’s all a big jumbled mess anyway.  I find that names and faces and late nights and train rides and everydays, they all kind of mesh together in my head.  I don’t know why, but I’ve lumped it all together instead of sorting it all out into neat lessons and timelines.  It may just have been  my own way of coping with my history.

I almost added one paragraph that was an absolute truth about someone who echoed through my teenage years.   But I left that paragraph out, choosing to keep him to myself 🙂

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