Notebooks, Teen Years, and Hormones

Notebooks, Teen Years, and Hormones

Just the other day I needed to go down into the basement to our front room and search for a journal that holds a lot of significance for me.  I wanted to find it for a specific piece I’d written about 12 years ago.

I went down the rabbit hole of large plastic tubs of paper that I refuse to part with.(Though I’ve definitely culled it down over the years).

Some of the tubs are like grade school projects my own mom kept, some are high school yearbooks, some are college papers, other are filled with sheet music from my time as a singer … I mean the paper … I Love it.  I’m all about journals, books, paper…

176839But … I was on a hunt for this particular journal, which I eventually found.  It was in a plastic tub that also held these small spiral notebooks that I used when I was in high school to write poetry.

This is where my rabbit hole got even deeper.

I started to open the notebooks.  I had forgotten that I used to write at least a poem every day, if not 10.  Ha!

I read a bunch of stuff I had written, and of course, it was in that angst kind of teen years voice that I used to have.  I actually remembered a few of the poems I wrote and exactly what they were about.  I could literally feel the hormones begin to shift in me as I was reading these pages like I was there again.


It made me think of this Charmed episode (I am totally a Charmed fan – best series finale ever!) where Pheobe had these flashbacks to being in high school but they become more than flashbacks and she kind of actually becomes her highschool self again, but it starts by that ‘self’ flickering in and out of her physical body.

That’s how I felt.  It’s amazing how these things I wrote and these emotions I felt were so big and real that I can feel them again so easily!  Though admittedly, this time with a little more sanity! I’m glad I had the outlet of writing.  These pages held a lot of it me.  And while I would never publish a word of it, the poetry was more for my own emotional clarity and outlet than anything else

It was also interesting because, in The Storyteller’s Throne, the premise revolves around the emotions of our teen years and strives to develop an explanation to it all.

BUT … the takeaway is this:

If you have a teenager or a child sneaking up on the teen years … get them a few spiral notebooks, nothing fancy, so they don’t feel what they write has to be perfect to be put in there and pages are easily torn out … just a few odd sized spiral journals, a pen or some markers and colored pencils… and give them the privacy and space to work some shit out on the page.


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