One day I called my friend, excited about the story I had come up with.  I just finished a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop and had created a huge outline for The Storyteller’s Throne.  I needed to throw all my ideas around with someone.giphy-3

So, I’m talking to her and she’s excited for me about the story.  I’m going through the basics, how there are two worlds, how the worlds connect, the basic idea for the main concepts of the book.

She’s with me on all of it and then all of a sudden she says…

“Do you have a character that walks the line between both worlds?  Someone that straddles both realities?  Maybe a teacher of sorts?”

I stopped talking and let it sink in.


I hadn’t created a character like that.  I had done a lot of writing in a journal when I was originally developing the story and I had played around with giving Grace the gift of collage.  A sixth sense that came into play when she created art, but I let it fall by the wayside, choosing instead to grab onto the idea of storytelling.

When my friend posed this question I realized this was the perfect opportunity to bring in the interplay between collage and magic.

If you haven’t read it, check out my article on the Magic in Art!

I went home, slept on it a few days then developed Sen.  I rearranged how magic worked for her.  I brought in collage as a vehicle for the magic and then I decided on her personality.  It had to be fun and nurturing.  I definitely plucked her out of the sixties and placed her in in the now.  I gave her the softness I think of when I think of Janis Joplin when she first started to get big.



I wanted there to be a bit of wild.  I love Sen.  She’s the mentor I would have liked to have growing up…

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