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As I got into writing The Storyteller’s Thone, I had a chance to look at the art of Storytelling.  I realized that storytelling is really an art form that crosses and weaves into all the other art forms.  This resonates with me a lot!


I used to have a hard time putting my resume together.  It was actually with a sigh of relief and the freedom from being questioned about my professional past that I let go of trying to fit myself into a career and chose to be a stay at home mama with my kids, homeschooling.




gabrielle-roth-5rhythms-london-danceMy background is varied in all of the arts.  I went from a deep love of dance, singing, and theater to the work of Gabrielle Roth and bringing spirituality and the psyche into a relationship with movement.  I graduated from Circle in the Square Theater School in NYC in 1998 and then headed to San Francisco to finish my BA in Transformative Learning and Integral Studies at CIIS in 2000.  Finally, I graduated Lesley University in 2002 with my MA in Expressive Arts Therapy/intermodal.  After my years and a roundabout path to post-graduate life, I ended up testing all sorts of waters, even becoming a holistic health coach in 2007 through IIN in NYC.

I taught theater in the juvenile justice system.  I was a teaching artist across NY and NJ developing workshops and curriculums in the arts as well as administering arts programs in the schools.  I was an arts therapist for people who had brain and spinal cord injuries as well as mothers and children who were experiencing domestic violence and/or sexual abuse.

Throughout the years I’ve used visual art as a way to keep grounded.  I’ve painted and collaged with multimedia and poetry as a way to stay present.


I’ve done all of this but always found it really really hard to explain what I do to someone when they ask.  I think it’s because I had a hard time defining myself by one “thing” I’ve chosen to do.

I used to be a part of the local chamber of commerce with my business
*This is actually where my husband and I met … he pulled my business card out of hat … 10 years and 3 kids later …

They would meet once a month and everyone would go around and be given a minute to stand up and explain what they did.  I was just so awful at this, I dreaded it.  I always found it hard to explain myself to anyone, let alone talk to the blank stares when you start to talk about the arts.

It’s kind of funny that after writing a book titled The Storyteller’s Throne, I finally realize that stories are the thread that has woven into my life.  Whether it be through theatre, dance or art, helping someone use the arts to tell their own story or understand their history or just telling stories to my kid at night …

I’m comfortable with this.  I like it.  I’m a storyteller. (Literally now too!)  The kind of storyteller that tells my own stories but also listens to others stories and helps them to decode and understand them.

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