The Body Electorate

The Body Electorate

  • I’ve talked about my journey with body image; learning to see the beauty in the imperfections, the scars, the shapes history has traced along my skin.
  • I’ve talked about how that particular journey informed a lot of the beginnings of Grace’s character in The Storyteller’s Throne.
  • I’ve talked about the point at which Grace sees herself literally standing in front of her and the emotions that rise to the surface there.

This blog post … isn’t about the therapeutic dance between experience and emotion, it isn’t about The Storyteller’s Throne and it isn’t about my personal journey.

This blog post I’m officially dedicating to all the women … or womyn (if you prefer) <3It’s my call to action and although it’s more narrowly packaged in size and weight … I still think it has its’ place here 🙂

I was looking through some old files while I was cleaning up my computer and found this poem that I wrote in 2007 … granted … it’s more of a performance piece … but I’ll leave that up to your imagination …

The Body Electorate

The Body is in full swing election
Campaigning for a senate seat in the house of Body Image
An underdog
Boney knuckles shift unbound in the fight for dominance
Given half a chance between nicotine streaked fingers
And crash diets
She blocks the mental carcinogens spewed from lips
All too familiar with late night binges
Her slogan:
Hunger only believes it’s beautiful
When beautiful becomes sculpted out of hunger
Chiseled marble forms in magazines and all the young girls follow the model Pied Piper
The candidate clutches her skin over ribs stretching their way back to healthy
After a brief encounter with it’s opponents tactics
Plastic surgery marking pouches of “excess”
The body approaches the podium
“As many of you know, I have, in the past, fallen victim to the shallow
And I’m here to tell you
The only hunger that’s beautiful
Is the hunger to know yourself.
Together we can fight the opposition
Take back the power of
Blood, breath, bones
Let’s look in the mirror with naked reverence
At what each sacred body has to offer us
Let’s unstitch the seams of size 0 fabric
Quilt in patches to embrace that “excess”
It need not define us
It’s not just skin in reflection but  a masterpiece of excellence”

The body pauses
A demonstration swelling
Wallets fat with weight watchers and waif fashionistas
Pouty lips and high rollers on the strip of celebrity
Hunger is beautiful!
Hunger is Beautiful!
Her stomach growls in protest
Still stretch-marked with the roadmap to supposed perfection
She eats a sandwich
She laughs
Soon she will have the floor
She will filibuster Teen Magazine for each girl
Making decisions based on airbrushed images
For every woman weighing worth with a scale
Yes … these fat fists are taking on the industry
She’s voting for herself.

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