The Elation of Achievement

The Elation of Achievement

I had an epiphany … my children recently learned how to ride bikes with only 2 wheels.

They learned in one afternoon.

When they finally got on two wheels with no help, they were ECSTATIC!


Like nothing was going to bring them down.  Nothing.

Even after the sun went down and everyone was inside the house, they were bouncing off walls, so happy loud.

I thought to myself, This.  This is what adults are missing.  That feeling of accomplishing something that seems so far off, impossible even! The feeling that they put their time into something and it paid off.

I’m sitting here, making arrangements for my launch party for The Storyteller’s Throne,  to celebrate the fact that I wrote a book and it’s going live.  An actual book that people can buy and read!   Like a book, you can hold in your hands.  For real!

Storyteller's Throne Launch Party - FB Event Cover 5.31.18

I’m pretty sure when the day comes for the launch, and a lot of the initial work for promoting my book and getting all the sites to run as they should is done … I’m going to come as close as I can to the feeling my kids had the other day! (Honestly, learning to surf would probably bring me there too … but really, I can feel the momentum building inside of me):


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