The Magic in Art

The Magic in Art

I love art, I love to look at it, imagine things about it, practice it, play with it, hear stories about it, hang out with people that create it … you name it …

If I think back to when my relationship with art began … I can remember loving ‘how to draw’ cartoon books when I was a little kid.  Going to the store with my mom and getting really excited to pick a new book out and start drawing.



I also think back to Bob Ross, I loved his show (did anyone not love his show?!?! … Am I dating myself?!?!) I used to have my own canvas and oil paints to paint along with him!


IMG_0268         IMG_0267         IMG_0266

There were a few vacations when I was a teenager where I carried a blank page journal with me to sketch whatever I saw around me …

In college at the California Institute of Integrative Studies, I took an awesome art class called, Visual Art as a Way of Seeing … that title is #truth.  It inspired a whole new level of understanding art and its process for me.

Then, when I was in college at Lesley University, I took a bunch of Open Art Studios that broke open the world of art and visual expression for me.

At first, it was oil pastels, then my tastes wandered into paint and markers.  From there I got into installations and then mixed media and then collage… and it’s here, in between collage and mixed media that I’ve found a sense of who I am.


I’ve been collaging for years now and used the collage along with mixed media as a mode of expression through my twenties and beyond. I haven’t worked solely in collage, and as a matter of fact, I’ve done a lot of work in acrylics and oil pastels that I sold.  It was always my collages that spoke my truth though … and I’ve never tried to sell one of them.  They’re very personal.  My collages spoke for me when I couldn’t find the words through some very trying times.


For me, it has something to do with a community of expression that rounds out the whole process for me.  I love to transform images, shapes, words into something all my own.  I’m not starting from an empty canvas.  When I think about my experiences and my feelings … none of them start out of nothing … they all have their place in this world, affected by everything around them.  Just like collage.


So when I was deciding on an art form to hold the magic within it for The Storyteller’s Throne, I naturally turned to collage. It’s already an art form that transforms, changes and redefines reality.  It was perfect.

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