The Novels I Like to Read

The Novels I Like to Read

So … I try to read as much as I can.  I have 3 kids, I homeschool, I write my own books and in small ways, I try to keep up with social media … so I do the best I can … LOL!

BUT … when I do get down to a pile of books I’m ready to dig into … I have a for sure kind of book I like to read.

giphy-downsized-7First … It has to have some magic in it.  I love when the world I immerse myself in is a little more than … do you know what I mean? The book can have an insane amount of magic like The Magicians Series and Harry Potter or it can just dabble in it … but give me something more than.


Second … I love a good relationship, with all the ups, downs, ins, outs and sexual energy/tension of a real relationship. I’m all about human behavior and how it nestles all up in the relationships we find ourselves in.

Third … I need good writing.  I love imagery and details and all the 5 senses. (An example of this, albeit a more adult kind of book … I loved Anne Rices’ Beauty Trilogy … but I found it so hard to get through the 50 Shades series)

I love Anais Nin and Sarah Waters and Alice Hoffman … I want to be transported with words.

Those are my criteria.

the rules of magic coverI just finished The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman.  It’s the prequel to Practical Magic. (Now I feel the need to go back and watch the movie … ha!)

I took the book really slow because I knew I didn’t want it to end.  I loved it … I love all of her books, and I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been reading her book since I was a teenager and now I just allow myself to love whatever she writes or if I just really love her voice or each book simply rocks. She has such a beautiful knack for creating characters that I utterly fall in love with, root for and connect to.

However, I did have a weird experience with this one.  I originally saw Practical Magic in the theaters, at a time when I wasn’t reading as much.  I didn’t know it was based on the Alice Hoffman novel.  So the movie held it’s own in my head for a long time and I never actually read the book.  Now, The Rules of Magic is the prequel and I couldn’t stop already having images and pictures in my head from the movie.  I still loved the book, but I couldn’t separate the movie from what I was reading …

Have ya’ll ever had that issue where you’ve seen the movie first before you read something … and it restricts the entire journey for you … It’s just so strange.

read the book first meme

And that folks … is why I insist on my kids reading the books before they see the movies (though I couldn’t help it with the Harry Potter series … because there was no way I was waiting for them to read 7 books before seeing the movies!).

On a side note to this somewhat random post … I also thought, as I finished The Rules of Magic, how strange it would be to write a second book after having had a movie made of a first book where characters were brought to life.

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