Therapist Catch Phrases

Therapist Catch Phrases

Feel free to use these on your journey

Say them out loud

Think about them

Write them down

This is a mini treasure chest of therapeutic language … a little tongue in cheek style 🙂  but you can actually get some mileage out of them … or not.

1. By far I would venture to say this may be the most used …

How does that make you feel?

Also related to How would you feel if _________?  And,  How’s that working for you?

2. Then of course …

Go deeper … 



trust the process.jpg3. We can’t forget

Trust the process … 

Though … This may be more of an arts therapist catchphrase because the process involves the transformation of an experience through different stages, but it definitely lends itself to all therapy




4. This one’s a staple of most healing practices including yoga, meditation, therapy, etc.

Breathe … 



5.  Last but not least

What are you thinking?

For those pregnant pauses, when the words stop or the modality is being worked in.

Let’s get real … they’re catchphrases and used often because it really is the work of the therapist to help you go deeper and answer the hard questions, to remind you to check in and to breathe when the air catches in your chest.  It’s a therapist’s job to keep you present and remind you what you’re working toward … but that’s not to say you can’t do this for yourself. *wink*

Can you think of any others or do you use any others in your daily life?  Let me know in the comments!

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