Therapist vs. Artist

Therapist vs. Artist

Being a therapist and an artist creates a dichotomy in how I offer my own creativity.  It’s an interesting resting place to sit and think.

I’ve been trained to listen to help people dive deeper into their experiences and to bring my own self into the background.

At the same time, I’m an artist.   I want to express my own self and my own heart in the ways I create, be it through writings, movings, painting, etc.

Now, I’m an Arts Therapist so I’ve brought the two worlds together somewhat. And I’ve been on my own healing journey through the arts most of my life, which is probably why I settled comfortably into the role of Arts Therapist.

On one hand, I’ve given myself a working knowledge of psychology and a useful language of the heart that can be understood in the many circles and has helped me in communicating through my creativity.  I’ve been given scripts and processes that I can use both in my own life and working with others. I’ve developed my empathy into something that is round, circular and soft.  I’ve spent many hours culling my own judgments and questioning my limitations as a human being holding space for another.

On the other hand, I’ve also put myself in an opposite position.



Hear me out …






As an artist I want to write my truth out loud, I want to be heard and I want to place it directly in front of me so I can experience, investigate, churn, share and transform it. I want to be honest and real. I want to offer up who I am.

But I’ve been trained to be very aware of others’ experiences and responses to things.

therapist meme - dog

As I’ve placed the role of therapist neatly beside me and chosen to pick up the tools of my artist self in the last year, I’ve had to break free from the part of me that holds back and allows others to color the landscape.  I’ve had to let go of expressing myself neatly and in a way that everyone is ‘okay’ with.  I’ve had to crack open the parts of me that I’m ready to expose and I’ve had to do it in a way that says…

F#*k you. This is me. It’s my turn to speak.


Not easy!

To go from ‘there for the other’ to ‘there for yourself’.

I feel really blessed to have the life experiences that I’ve had and they all play into who I am and how I live in this world.

But I ask you to question how the roles you play, play into how you express your own truth on a daily basis.

What ways do you struggle with who you are in the world and who you are on the inside? And what kinds of issues does that bring up for you?  How do you cross the divide in your own life to live authentically?  Let me know in the comments.

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