Uncovering Emotions in The Storyteller Series

Uncovering Emotions in The Storyteller Series

So, I’m not sure how I made it to being an arts therapist.  To be honest my twenties are a blur.  I went from possibly being a massage therapist and re-birther to a Masters program for Expressive Art Therapy/Intermodal at Lesley University.   From there I just kind of followed my feet.

emoji-2074153_960_720It’s been a strange concoction of the arts and healing that I’ve been brewing since I started my adult life.  A DIY kind of medley of how to heal and how to help others heal.  I’ve come to realize that there’s a special place where creative expression, our history, and our hearts interact and play.  It’s this place that has always intrigued me.

I think it’s here where some of the inspiration for The Storyteller’s Throne came from. It’s the idea that an emotion or a feeling can be a living breathing entity inside of us and that each emotion or feeling can have its own memory, its own identity and its own creative expression of its present state. And if that emotion is given the opportunity to play itself out in a safe environment then we can heal.

The premise being that emotions can get tangled up in our own experience of them, how society judges that particular emotion, how a family nurtures or abandons it.   These emotions in The Storyteller’s Throne have the opportunity to become Uncovered, brought back to their essence in order to allow a child to elevate themselves to an adult. When these emotions unwind, I imagine colors and textures and songs and words and movements all sharing the space together.

I had a lot of fun describing the states of different emotions and how they were Uncovered in the book.

But here’s some food for thought:  If your emotions and feelings were living and breathing entities, choose one and think about how you’ve treated that emotion for most of your life, then imagine what form, shape, color, texture, sound, movement it might take on to reflect your treatment of it.


Here’s an example:  I have always ignored fear, tried to push it aside, forget about it, turn my head from it.  I’ve been the little kid with my fingers in my ears la-la-la’ing along when it started to speak to me.

It’s possible that because of that my fear is tiny and quiet and still, a pebble thrown into the water, the only remembrance of it rippling on the water’s surface


It may be the big looming shadow right behind me hovering over, no longer speaking but its breath is causing goosebumps on my neck.


maybe that fear now has sadness attached to it, because it’s been ignored for so long …

Have fun thinking about what your emotions or feelings might look like if they were alive …

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