What Role Does Comfort Play In Your Life?

What Role Does Comfort Play In Your Life?

I’ve talked a lot about the place of comfort and in a way I’ve looked at it as a more negative thing, something that can hold us back from allowing us to move into the truth of our hearts.  But I need to take a minute and finally talk about the value of comfort in our everyday life.  There is most definitely a need and a place for us to allow comfort to heal and mend the places where we’ve grown tight.

Comfort is a beautiful thing.  It is the shoulder that a child sleeps on in the middle of sickness.  It’s the friend that speaks with you gets you even when you have no words to get out in the emptiness of sadness.  It’s the warmth of on a cold night, the fullness in the cavernous lonely that widens as we get older, It’s the quiet connection when we need to breathe into another’s rise and fall of breath.

Comfort is something we crave and we need in tough times.


I don’t want to take that away.

When I speak of comfort I feel like we need to surround it with awareness of how we befriend it.  Do we use it to stay safe when challenges arise and lean on it so that we can avoid the truth?  Do we use it as a crutch and a way to stay within our own idea of what our emotional limits are?  Do we use it as an excuse not to move forward into something?

It’s so easy to stay there.  Because it feels good.


Do we use it as a home base?  A place to realign ourselves with those we love?  Do we call on it when we’re looking to catch a breath and then use it as a pillar of strength to move forward into the hard stuff?  Do we use it as a reminder that, yes we are supported and we can find the comfort within ourselves whenever we need it so it allows us to make choices that are brave?


Comfort can be an awesome touchstone of connection.  In comfort we can absolutely find empathy for others and ourselves, it can be the physical reverberation of how far we’ve come.  I think that the real value in comfort though is when we tap into and call out for it with the awareness that comfort isn’t the end of the journey here.  Comfort is a rest stop, a place to sink into the truth of where we’ve journeyed thus far.  It can be the fuel that allows us to push deeper into our own hearts.

So I ask you what role comfort has played in your life?  Is it something that you’ve called on in the name of avoidance … or procrastination?  Is it something that has impeded your connection to others?

giphy-downsized-1And I will be the first one to admit … that I have allowed comfort to keep me safe from the darkness that I feel inside sometimes.  I have partaken in the comfort of chocolate at night and eaten my feelings down to their very sugary core.  I have lingered longer than I should have and made excuses in the name of comfort allowing the challenges to be put off for another time, scrolling past something because I just don’t have the energy so I stay in my comfort zone …

It’s only human …

Or do you see comfort as a stepping stone to your own divine heart?  Do you allow it in with a healthy and beautiful awareness of its soft touch?  Do you allow yourself the connection and the space to be held by the comfort, release your mind and heart from a moment’s hostility to refuel and remind yourself that you are not alone?

At what times in your life has comfort held you back or made room for you to push forward?

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