Why Write a Book?

Why Write a Book?

I’m not sure what made me want to actually start to write a book.  I guess I figured it’s not as messy as visual art, which I love … And my studio supplies have been temporarily moved to the basement to make a homeschool space for my kids, so just the trips up and down 2 flights of stairs to set up a creative space is enough to tire me out before I even start … ha!

giphy-downsizedI also hadn’t written in quite some time, almost 11 years!

The last poem I wrote in 2007 was titled The Body Electorate.  That year I had the opportunity to work with Alix Olson, who is an amazing poet and performer.  She edited The Body Electorate with me and worked on my performance of it.

After writing The Body Electorate I began work on a poem about the food industry and health across America … It wasn’t long before I just put it down.  I got to a place in deciding what I wanted to write about where everything seemed so complicated.  The more I wrote about things the more questions came up. There were no answers, no direct paths to peace or equality or truth, and every time I wrote I seemed to unearth an entirely new problem that needed to be solved somehow.   I became overwhelmed and so I just stopped.


The Storyteller’s Throne is the first time I’ve sat down to write anything creative since … and it felt soooo good!  I’ve enjoyed creating my own world,  thinking past the limitations of the here and now, and delving into dialogue (which has always scared the crap out of me!).  Who would ever have guessed I would write a novel edging on science fiction, flirting with romance and making room for an honest dialogue about the state of our emotions?

I think maybe time has steeped me in patience for who I am, my ideas, my thoughts, my reach and my abilities.  I know at the very least if this isn’t time’s doing it’s my children’s doing, and having allowed myself the space to fall in love, settle into my own family, relax into the years I’ve had so far … Maybe now it’s safe again to get creative.   Maybe the timing is just right.  Maybe it’s having more than just myself to get creative for!

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