Your Creativity Journal

Your Creativity Journal

What has been so very interesting the last few months is figuring out how to market my book, market myself and to feel that it’s all done in an authentic way (this is because I’m really not a sales person and the whole hard sale situation is a big turn off to me … but I’ve written this book that I want to share and I want to continue to write … which means I need to sell it and gain interest in both my book and who I am as a person) I’ve kind of come to this place where I feel pretty good about what I’m creating and the social media that I’m posting and of course, my book … I’ve read it a bunch of times now and I finally feel really comfortable with it, it’s the latest result of my own creative journey!

I’ve had to ask myself who am I, what do I have to offer, why would people want to follow me or follow my journey, etc.  And even though it’s been tough for me to answer these questions (I feel like most of my life I’ve struggled with feelings of being not good enough, feeling accepted and knowing that what I have to put out there is worthy) I’ve taken the time to answer each and every question and found that I have a lot to offer 🙂

I’ve come to this understanding that I’m a creative person …

  • I’ve journeyed to and from my own shadow
  • I’ve used the arts in every form as a vehicle for transformation in my life
  • I have an insatiable curiosity about that journey (in myself and others)
  • I’ve walked people (children all the way up to adults in hospice) through their hearts and healing using the arts
  • I have a natural ability to  help people see things from different perspectives
    I’ve been doing this all my life, even before I went to school, got trained, took the classes, etc.
  • I have a mind, whose natural tendency shifts between telling the story, playing the part, choosing perspective and watching the process
  • I’m also a parent and completely invested in the creative process of my kids and how they can use the arts for their own expression
  • I get seriously jazzed helping kids … or anyone for that matter … create spontaneously and with intention
  • I innately understand the connection between the arts and spiritual world around us

Just a side note … OMG … that was really hard for me to type that list out on a blog … It took a lot to write it out and put it out there!  I don’t mean to do it as a bragging kind of thing … For me, it’s more of a statement of my skills.

So as strange as it is for me to say this.  I think I might be somewhat of an expert in this field of creativity and using it to heal.  Or maybe as my husband puts it … I’m the forever student of creativity because the question is: Can you be an expert in something that is always evolving in each of us?

Maybe my expertise lies in tapping into the arts … Can I call myself a Shaman of the Creative Healing Process …

Now I’m getting a big head!  Ha!

Getting back to it though … my point of this blog is to put what I do out there.  My statement to the world that I DO have something to offer … that I am good enough, worthy etc … My point is that I finally have been able to place myself on the trajectory of Who I am, Who I want to be, How I want to put myself out there, and Knowing what I have to offer!  That’s HUGE!

This post is a celebration of finally figuring it out.

It’s also a thank you for supporting me!

With that … Being that Creativity seems to be where it’s at …

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the support that’s been thrown my way with the recent release of my book The Storyteller’s Throne that I want to make available to Y’all a special creativity Journal I created last year.

The journal is full of prompts, ideas, lists of things to do, doodles, questions, exercises to get your creativity flowing, etc.  I originally created it for the children among us … but I had such a good time doing my own creativity journal that I think it’s for anyone who’s just looking to have a little fun here and there …

So please download the journal, print it out and enjoy it for yourself, give it to your kids, do it with your kids …

From me to you.


I created some of the prompts myself, other’s I took from some of my favorite books (I have a whole stash of wonderful and inspiring books!)

Just a quick list of where I got some of the borrowed prompts (all the pages were penned by me) …

  • Sabrina Ward Harrisons, The Truth and the Questions
  • Usborne: Write your own comics
  • Kerri Smith’s How to be an explorer of the world
  • The Lab Series of art for kids and adults
  • Alix Olson … from a workshop that she taught





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